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NODIG / Drilling / Microtunneling

Horizontal Directional Drilling / Pipe Ramming / Pipe Jacking


ERGO ATE is the first company in Greece to implement the full spectrum of trenchless underground pipe-laying of all sorts (NoDig).

Today, with an experience spanning over 15 years in NoDig, having successfully constructed a vast number of such projects, ERGO ATE is considered the most reliable contractor in Greece for such projects.


The company's privately owned equipment includes Pipe Jacking, Horizontal Directional Drilling and Pipe Ramming drill rigs, allowing it to install networks of all sorts using NoDig methods.

Polyethylene, steel, as well as reinforced concrete pipes can be installed spanning in diameter from Ø63 to Ø1200 mm or even more, which can either be used as the final pipes or ones which other pipes, cables, optical networks etc will be passed through.

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