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Natural Gas Projects

ERGO ATE got systematically involved in Natural Gas distribution projects from the beginning. Before the construction of natural gas projects ever started, personnel was sent to be trained by CITB in the UK. It built large parts of the first pilot projects "ATTICA ΙΙΙ", "ATHENS ΙΙΙ" και "PEREAUS ΙΙΙ" by DEPA. It undertook as a contractor the first ever project by EPA Attikis titled «Sporadic connections for new customers and extension of central pipeline on the low pressure 23 MBAR networks in the greater Athens area - Contract No. 1» and has had a constant and stable activity in the construction of Natural Gas projects.

Up till now, it has built, tried and tested for EPA Attikis alone more than twelve thousand (12.000) natural gas service lines, more than five hundred kilometers (500 km) of networks as well as a very large number of RMS, MRS and MR/DR stations.

All of the above mentioned projects, those constructed for utilities companies (EPA, DEPA, DESFA) as well as the ones constructed for private customers, have all been concluded in time and in strict compliance with all regulations, guidelines and requirements set by the client.

By a continuous and long effort, ERGO ATE has managed to be considered the best contractor for projects of this nature in Greece.

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