About Us

ERGO ATE was founded in 1995 as the continuation of an existing construction company successfully operating since 1975. Ever since the beginning the company developed a specialty in constructing networks of all kinds in rural environments.

Up to date the company has constructed a great deal of hydraulics projects (potable water, sewer, etc), natural gas projects, electric power networks and connecting customers with service lines to Utilities networks, and has developed considerable experience and expertise in the execution of such projects. Constantly investing in mechanical equipment and manpower, the company employs its own permanent staff with complete specialization in infrastructure projects in rural environments.

ERGO ATE is the first company in Greece to get involved with the full spectrum of trenchless pipe-laying of all sorts of networks (NoDig technology). Today, with an experience spanning over 15 years in NoDig, having successfully constructed a vast number of such projects, ERGO ATE is considered the most reliable contractor in Greece for such projects. The company owns equipment that covers the whole spectrum of NoDig technologies and is actively involved in trenchless pipe laying.

ERGO ATE is one of few constructions companies in Greece with full expertise and know-how in constructing natural gas networks and one of scarce that are licensed for active conductors intervention.


At the same time, the company has also constructed a very large number of other projects, mainly public - such as roads, buildings, potable water banks, pumping stations, electro-mechanical projects - as well as a great deal of private projects.


ERGO ATE's policy is constructing any project it is involved in, according to all specifications and quality standards set, using its own mechanical equipment as well as specialized permanent staff.

The company is certified by TÜV NORD with ISO 9001:2008 for quality assurance (since 1997) as well as ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management.


ERGO ATE continually constructs projects that change the country.